Round Two

DESIGNER(S):  Damian Hamilton
CLIENT:  The Mute Vintners

‘Round Two’ is the second attempt at naming and branding a range of wines that were first released as ‘Square 1’ by The Mute Vintners in 2005. The brand took off in the Queensland market, but the packaging design was in much need of a refresh (see ‘Before’ – click on the first image below). Sage were engaged to add value and engage a wider market aged 25 – 35 years old, whilst considering the $15 price point. The last few words on the original back label copy lent themselves to an interesting creative direction and effective strapline – “This is Round Two. Get in the ring.” A boxing theme was born.

Since its relaunch in August 2011, sales have increased significantly.

To appeal to a predominantly female audience, Sage removed the boxers illustration from the Round Two Sparkling label. Maintaining the boxing theme, the label takes the form of a boxing belt. Gold embellishments and a pearlised paper label add value to the concept.

  • RoundTwo_BeforeAfter
  • Round Two Range_closeup1
  • Round Two_Sparkling_closeup
  • Round Two_Sparkling_bottle
  • Round Two_Range_straight

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