Roxburgh Park Shopping Centre mural

STUDIO:  Duro Cubrilo
DESIGNER(S):  Sofles, Bonsai and TwoOne; curated by Duro Cubrillo
CLIENT:  Colonial First State Global Asset Management

Roxburgh Park Shopping Centre was redeveloped late last year with a strong focus on social planning to create a community hub. As a means of achieving this, a sprawling 17m x 8m outdoor mural was created to sit on an external wall.

The creative team wanted the artwork to encapsulate the local area in its use of colour and elements – with greens, yellow and light brown tones being used.

The artwork is a focal point, so it needed to be in line with the overall sustainable design by using natural elements such as birds and wildlife, in a quintessentially Melbourne way.

With its mix of intricate details, bold colours the mural helps make the area a place where locals feel comfortable and proud while bringing the shopping centre to life.

Appealing to local shoppers and street art aficionados alike, people are literally coming from across the state and world to look at the artwork.

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