RSPCA ‘Hens Deserve Better’

STUDIO:  Precedent
DESIGNER(S):  Sophie Stubbs
CLIENT:  RSPCA Australia

RSPCA Australia engaged digital agency Precedent to design and develop the ‘Hens Deserve Better’ campaign microsite. The site informs, educates and encourages consumers to demand a cage-free life for layer hens in Australia.

Head of Precedent Australia, Sean Gardiner explains “Campaigns are about people- reacting, doing and banding together. Precedent came up with creative ideas putting RSPCA’s users in the heart of both the campaign and online experience, complementing offline activities and making the most of this micro site as well as incorporating social media.”

Precedent designed an engaging community site which is vibrant and showcases important information through the use infographics.

A month after the microsite was launched Tasmania became the first Australian state to commit to a complete phase out of battery cages.

This is an exciting start to a potentially four year campaign to influence and engage politicians and egg producers to do the right thing and for egg consumers to spend an extra 20 cents to buy cage-free eggs – all to get hens out of cages once and for all.

Click on the below images to view at a larger size.

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