Salami Dreamin’: a hand-printed artist’s book about family, cured meats, pro sports, and more

STUDIO:  Michelle Maguire
DESIGNER(S):  Michelle Maguire
CLIENT:  Michelle Maguire

Salami Dreamin’, a small-edition artist’s book by Michelle Maguire, features eye-popping, hand-printed images of her blunt, funny, completely unimpressed Italian American Great-Aunt Doll, with colorful Aunt Doll anecdotes by Aaron Beck. Maguire and Beck are married and live in Columbus, Ohio.

Aunt Doll, age 84, has lived in Canton, Ohio, her entire life. She curses, loves cured meats, knows more about the NFL than you do, plays strip mall slot machines with her vegetarian hairdresser of 42 years, isn’t trying to be funny but is, worships the sun from her concrete-slab patio, and frets about nothing except her beloved Italian bread packing on the pounds. Aunt Doll makes the most if it. The gist of her story: enjoy every chicken wing while you holler at the Cleveland Browns on your gigantic analog TV, because we aren’t here forever.

Printed on Arches 88 mould-made paper using lithography and silkscreen printing techniques by Michael Weigman, Jen Slezak and Logan Schmitt of Floodwall Press; and Stonehenge rag cotton paper using letterpress printing by Michelle Maguire.

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