Secure Parking – Solutions

STUDIO:  Ascender Design
DESIGNER(S):  kate Johnstone
CLIENT:  Secure Parking

How was Secure Parking able to change its perception with their corporate clients, so they understood the true asset value of parking?

Ascender felt that the answer lay in repositioning the business as a parking ‘solutions’ provider that drives revenue and customer satisfaction, and embraces consultation, operational excellence, effective marketing, technological R&D and robust financial management.

Ascender photographed material representations of equations made up of easily recognised objects representing each attribute of the business. The copy was refined and the result was a clear and compelling exposition on the asset potential of Secure Parking.

  • ascender_secure_parking_5
  • ascender_secure_parking_4
  • ascender_secure_parking_3
  • ascender_secure_parking_2
  • ascender_secure_parking_1

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