Selling sobriety through social media

DESIGNER(S):  Mark Trzopek, Tim Rigg
CLIENT:  Hello Sunday Morning

Hello Sunday Morning (HSM) is a positive social movement aiming to change people’s relationship with alcohol, utilising one Sunday at a time. Produced and designed by studio And-Sydney , Participants are encouraged to take a break from alcohol and share their positive experiences via a personal blog and social media — a platform traditionally used to share images of the abuse, rather than the abstinence, of alcohol.

Selling sobriety to Aussies and Kiwis may be perceived as no small task, but perhaps the embarrassment of last night’s photographs is a road to change. A multi-channel program with an interactive quiz as the centrepiece was used, where users are encouraged to complete the quiz to find out “which Sunday morning they are” and share their persona to encourage Facebook friends to try the experience for themselves.

Based on their responses, users are delivered personalised benefits of completing a HSM with the key objective of driving sign-ups to the HSM community.


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  1. David Gunderson

    Nice idea although the design is awfully dated.

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