SFF promo 2012 – Infinite Stories

STUDIO:  Cutting Edge
DESIGNER(S):  Boccalatte and Cutting Edge
CLIENT:  Sydney Film Festival

What do you get when you combine a nun, cowgirl, arctic explorer, warrior archer and zombie beauty queen? It’s Sydney Film Festival’s (SFF) 2012 promotional video Infinite Stories. Directed by Scott Otto Anderson of Photoplay, the colourful set design and endtag animation carry over from Boccalatte’s SFF poster art and design. Portrait photographs shot by Helen White with vibrant coloured gels of 25 archetypal film ‘characters’ provided an inspirational palette for the visuals.

Cutting Edge was on hand to deliver a kaleidoscopic cornucopia of colour and movement on the piece – the animated endtag is a cascade of colour that not only emphasises the infinite nature of these stories, but echoes the motion of celluloid film through a projector as the photos stream though space towards the all-encompassing SFF cube device. Colourist Scott MacLean and editor Joe Morris brought the spot to life with sound design ideas and an extra level of chromatic vibrance, while Flame Artist Scott Geersen stabilised and digitally re-filmed the camera move, blended a multitude of grade passes and added lighting effects to highlight each character.

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