Single Origin Roasters

CLIENT:  Single Origin Roasters

Maud has rebranded Single Origin Roasters to reflect the fine line it treads between art and coffee mastery, transforming its coffee bags and packaging into a canvas for Australian artists.

Single Origin Roasters launched in 2003, attracting a flock of coffee devotees through its understated promotion of fair, single origin and sustainable brews to become a Sydney institution.

It tasked Maud with redesigning the company’s visual identity and packaging to reflect its irreverent origins, without losing sight of the important connection the brand has with the creative community in Surry Hills, Sydney.

Maud’s redesign strikes a balance between art and science. The new logo features a monospaced serif, referencing the scientific precision and refinement that goes into Single Origin blends. Hand-written typography exposes the company’s passion and upfront attitude, running over, around and through other typography on page, packaging and a new company website. The ‘O’ in ‘Origin’ has been underlined in respect to how locals refer to the brand affectionately as ‘Single O’.

Maud has also commissioned Sydney-based artists to feature on Single Origin Roasters packaging in a nod to the locals who have supported the company since its early days as a fledgling café. The first artist to feature in Maud’s redesign is Brett Chan, with new artworks to be commissioned every few months.

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