Six Years Later magazine: Instinct

Six Years Later magazine has just released its new issue, the third of its yearly limited edition publications. Through its rejection of text, and therefore its large emphasis on image, the themes of each issue are threaded together through the featured artwork, the third issue’s theme being Instinct (the first, Comsumerism, and the second Surface).

Launched in 2008 by Roger Wilkie and Laura Chong, Six Years Later (6YL) is an artist-run initiative that focusses on providing an uncluttered platform for emerging artists to promote their work.

  • SYL f
  • SYL1
  • SYL3
  • SYL2
  • SYL4
  • SYL5
  • SYL6
  • SYL7
  • SYL8
  • syl9
  • syl10
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  • syl13

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