Sweden’s 7-Eleven rebrand is 1978 with a twist

Wanting to “emphasise a smart and con­ve­nient brand expe­ri­ence,” 7-Eleven decided to update their cof­fee con­cept for the Swedish mar­ket with Stockholm-based studio BVD. They explain that the “iconic stripes [were] the take-off point” for the design, seeking to create something a little more “mod­ern and clear.”

As Sweden hosted the convenience-chain’s first European store back in 1978, the studio took inspiration from the ”retrospective” graphic identity, celebrating and exaggerating its most distinctive elements — even resurrecting the original typeface alongside the iconic pin-stripe pattern that had fallen out of fashion.

It’s Nice That noted, “architecturally speaking, many 7-Elevens in America have chosen to tone down the glaring lights and garish colours associated with its gas-station-rest-stop image. For BVD, scrubbing the interiors of the brand identity wasn’t an issue — in fact, the idea was to turn up the volume.”


  • bvd_7-eleven_01
  • bvd_7-eleven_02_1
  • bvd_7-eleven_02_2
  • bvd_7-eleven_03
  • bvd_7-eleven_04
  • bvd_7-eleven_05
  • bvd_7-eleven_06
  • bvd_7-eleven_07
  • bvd_7-eleven_08
  • bvd_7-eleven_10
  • bvd_7-eleven_12
  • bvd_7-eleven_02_2

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