Soundproof Stockholm: Kollor’s colourful catalogue

Stockholm-based start-up BAUX, headed by entrepreneurs John Ronnestam and Fredrik Franzon has collaborated with the design studio Form Us With Love to develop a completely unique range of environmentally friendly acoustic panels made of cement-bonded wood and wool.

Fellow residents of Stockholm, Kollor were commissioned to create a challenging product catalogue for the product to be launched at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in 2015. The result sees a strictly designed publication, revealed in two stages: in the first stage, the receiver is provided with the content – where pages are only bound by glue or feature perforated edges, ready for removal. In the second stage, a unique binder has been especially crafted to suit the collection and distribution of content. The project solution encourages the user to easily supplement the catalogue with new pages.

  • baux_1160_4
  • baux_1160_6
  • baux_1160_8
  • baux_1160_10
  • baux_1160_11
  • baux_1160_12
  • baux_1160_15
  • baux_1160_16
  • baux_1160_17
  • baux_1160_20

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