SouthSouthWest’s identity for Rooftop Cinema

Melbourne’s iconic Rooftop Cinema, held on the rooftop of Curtain House, is preparing for its latest run of cult classics and new releases, with the addition of some independent rarities curated by the Speakeasy Cinema.

This season Rooftop’s identity has been designed by SouthSouthWest, a design firm based in Fitzroy. SSW were responsible for the cinema’s previous identity, which was shortlisted for the 2013 Create Design Awards. Similar to last year’s design, this latest identity is characterised by its bold typeface and strong but simple style.

SouthSouthWest's design for the 2012/13 Rooftop Cinema

SouthSouthWest’s design for the 2012/13 Rooftop Cinema

Rooftop’s new identity is more reserved and sophisticated than it has been in previous years. The vibrant yellows, oranges and greens – evocative of sunsets and mirages, hazy afternoons and hot nights – have been replaced by calmer, reserved tones of blue and purple, and an eerie new logo that’s part sun, part moon, part eye.

SouthSouthWest's 2013/14 Rooftop Cinema identity

SouthSouthWest’s 2013/14 Rooftop Cinema identity

Tracing the cinema’s different designs over the past five years, there has been a gradual shift in favour of a minimalist approach, which culminates with this year’s design and is embodied by Rooftop’s short and sharp tagline, ‘A cinema on a roof in the heart of the city’. The new identity reflects the spare style characteristic of much of today’s design, as content is more frequently tailored for the web, and the imperatives shift from attraction to navigation, and from intensity to accessibility.

SouthSouthWest have worked with clients such as Nike, Architecture Australia, Bikefest Melbourne, and the State of Design Festival. In the August 2013 issue of desktop we invited them to participate in our Masters and Apprentices feature, in which the designers were paired with a graduate from the University of Tasmania to orchestrate a conservation awareness campaign.

Rooftop Cinema kicks off with a screening of The Great Gatsby on 5 December, and the season runs until April 2014. Take a look at the 2013/14 Rooftop Cinema program guide online

  • SouthSouthWest's design for the 2012/13 Rooftop Cinema
  • SouthSouthWest's 2013/14 Rooftop Cinema identity
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