SOYA 365 identity

STUDIO:  Frost* Design
CLIENT:  Qantas

Frost* has developed a new visual identity for the 2012 SOYA awards, focusing the creative around the idea of ‘365′. This reflects the new structure of the awards – which instead of one main deadline, sees different monthly deadlines for each of the eleven disciplines. “When developing a new name for the SOYA awards, we first thought of ‘SOYA 360’, as the competition reflects many disciplines, but then settled on SOYA 365, to reflect the new format of the competition as a year-long event. We also thought – this competition is alive, it’s not static, it’s working 365 days a year,” says Vince Frost.

Frost* also created a bespoke font which is based on the SOYA logo. “We originally developed the font ‘Spirit’ for Qantas, and were able to tweak it for SOYA which is a nice tie-in,” says Frost. For the design of the SOYA 365 website, Frost* worked with Community Engine, Mixed Media’s technology partner.

For the third year, Vince Frost has been invited to be a mentor for SOYA. He is the Visual Design and Communications Mentor, and will work with the winner of that category.

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