Architectural identity by Spanish studio TwoPoints.Net

Barcelona-based studio TwoPoints.Net was commissioned by the architecture studio Aamodt/Plumb to craft a new visual identity. The design team decided to retain the slash between the client’s partner names, turning it into a flexible visual system — the slash was turned into a line, the line into a division of space, and the space a placeholder for the client’s work.

Aamodt/Plumb’s sensitive use of materials in construction plays an important role in the final outcome, as does a thoughtful attention to design both internally and externally. The addition of distinct corporate colours and textures helped to define a unique brand.

  • TPN_AP_All
  • TPN_AP_Leaflet_1
  • TPN_AP_Leaflet_2
  • TPN_AP_Leaflet_3
  • TPN_AP_Posters_01
  • TPN_AP_Posters_02
  • TPN_AP_Publication_06
  • TPN_AP_Stamping2
  • TPN_AP_VS_01
  • TPN_AP_VS_02

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