Stanmore Public School library

STUDIO:  Frost* Design
CLIENT:  Stanmore Public School

Frost Design were commissioned as graphic design consultants by Neeson Murcutt Architects on this project for Stanmore Public School, in Sydney, that included wayfinding and identification signage for the library building, plus interpretive graphics for the surrounding complex. The site covered a 600sqm 2-level building, external circulation spaces and a new school entrance.

The challenge was to create an environment that was both functional and stimulating; easy to use yet engaging enough for a young audience. Frost’s response was to facilitate navigation of the library whilst appeal to the students through playful applications of colour and typography.

The traditional library approach was abandoned in favour of signage and graphics that enriched the school experience and helped create a dynamic learning environment. Utilising splashes of colour and playful typography, bold identification signs and a custom-printed recycled carpet tile bring a sense of fun to the library interior. As well as providing the necessary wayfinding and identification messaging, signage worked in with the modernist architectural design to reflect key features.

The approach was also continued outside, with large-scale book quotes painted onto an external walkway to animate the journey through the playground and provide an additional layer of narrative onto an otherwise recessive material.

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