Stolen: everything is analogue

Curated by Melbourne-based friends Andy Buchanan and Lucy Guernier, Stolen showcases the individual creative talents of artists, photographers and illustrators from around the world. Following the theme, ‘Everything is analogue’, the hardcover publication acts as an exhibit of the imperfect and the unplanned within artistic practice.

The duo come from a print background and share a mutual love of shooting with film. “One summer, we ended up with all of these photos,” explains Buchanan. “A lot of our friends did as well. We thought there needed to be a way to display them and showcase them, instead of just an album on Facebook.”

Volume One includes pieces submitted from artists all over the world – professional and beginner alike. From the bold, graphic artwork featured by Australian artist, Anya Brock, to the dreamy images captured by photographer, Hannah Moulds, Stolen is a mesmerising journey through the world of analogue art.

“If we could jump-start someone’s career, if we could provide a place where young artists could not only publish their work, but also be aligned on par with the professional, famous and seasoned – then that would be our ultimate dream achieved.”

Stolen is available to buy at

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