Stories for Every Journey – from Qantas, Droga5, & Paul Belford

STUDIO:  Droga5
DESIGNER(S):  Paul Belford
CLIENT:  Qantas

Qantas recently commissioned Droga5 and Paul Belford to develop a set of book designs, that will be given out to frequent flyers. Each book is edited to fit neatly into the duration of a particular route.

The result is a consistent visual identity for the series, and a flexible design system which allows for each cover to have a unique illustration - reflecting its themes and content. The minimal look adopts the Qantas palette for colour and uses the Olivetti Lettera 32 typewriter font.

The back cover of all the books shows the full lists of titles in the series (with the selected book highlighted) as well as it’s matched journey and available reading time.

Published by Hachette.

  • desktop-magazine-qantas-droga5-belford-books-1
  • desktop-magazine-qantas-droga5-belford-books-2
  • desktop-magazine-qantas-droga5-belford-books-3
  • desktop-magazine-qantas-droga5-belford-books-4
  • desktop-magazine-qantas-droga5-belford-books-5
  • desktop-magazine-qantas-droga5-belford-books-6
  • desktop-magazine-qantas-droga5-belford-books-back
  • desktop-magazine-qantas-droga5-belford-books-set

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