Students Create UTS Grad Show Identity

The graduating class of UTS’ (University of Technology Sydney) 2013 Visual Communications Program were responsible for conceptualising and creating the visual identity for their own grad show. Characterised by a confident colour blotches of pink, orange and blue, the identity was letter-pressed onto invitations, screen printed onto posters and bags, and applied over their book, website and a mural in the exhibition space.

If looking at the identity, all you see are ample bottoms, don’t worry – you are supposed to. It was these derrière-shaped blotches that the UTS grad show design team insisted best showed off their ‘greatest assets.’ “We really wanted to break away from the more serious grad show identities,” explains Olivia King, co-creative director of the project. “We wanted to create something that was fun, playful and engaging (like the students), that also referenced simultaneously the ideas of ‘exposing’ ourselves to the industry, and the fact that we’ve ‘worked our butts off’ to graduate.”

The student team included Olivia King and Sebastian Andreassen in creative direction, design and print collateral. Additional design by Nina Harcus and Steph Tsimbourlas.
Website by Elle Williams.

You can see the grad show website at

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