Super Fun Happy Tree

STUDIO:  Sawdust and Diamonds
DESIGNER(S):  Sarah Pickering, Steven Phillips, Marco Gjergja, Luke Matthews & Luke Donovan
CLIENT:  Self-initiated

A new concept and space-saving alternative to pine needles or dust covered plastic trees that have seen better days is the Super Fun Happy Tree, a super-sized poster of a Christmas Tree with design in mind.

Super Fun Happy Tree involves three creative interpretations of Christmas trees, illustrated by Melbourne-based artists and designers Sarah Pickering, Steven Phillips, and Sawdust and Diamonds.

Marco Gjergja, of Sawdust and Diamonds explains the idea behind the posters, “The posters will bring design and festivity to Australian households and workplaces this Christmas. They are great for those without the space for a full size tree, or those just wanting something more modern.”

Super Fun Happy Tree measures one by two metres, and is printed on heavyweight paper with recycled content and environmental accreditation. It is sustainable, reusable and fully recyclable.

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  • superhappyfuntree_deco
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