Sustainability Report 2010

STUDIO:  Seesaw
DESIGNER(S):  Anita Ryley, Matthew McKenzie, Warren Everard, Jessie Pigot & Andrew Johnson
CLIENT:  Finsbury Green

From concept through to production, Seesaw were engaged by printers Finsbury Green to produce its 2010 Sustainability Report. The result was a report of epic proportions. At almost five meters long, the loop format and use of various diecut sections was designed to present Finsbury as an evolving company, while also showcasing the process of becoming green – the inner workings and methodology of creating a genuinely green solution.

  • fins3
  • fins1
  • Finsbury Green
  • Finsbury Green
  • Finsbury Green
  • Finsbury Green
  • Finsbury Green

5 Responses

  1. We loved working on this project, came out looking like liquid gold! #pun

  2. This is absolutely incredible. I had to order – the site is just amazing!! Great work Seesaw

  3. Seesaw

    Thanks Danielle and Mark, it was a really fun project!

  4. Alex

    Great work, tailored my chocolate but wish I could have ordered… ah, c’est la vie

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