Sydney Film Festival 2012 campaign

STUDIO:  Boccalatte
DESIGNER(S):  Creative Director: Suzanne Boccalatte, Designers: Martin Ford, Louise Helliwell, Georgia Perry, Pat Armstrong
CLIENT:  Sydney Film Festival

Boccalatte has recently completed an integrated marketing and advertising campaign for the 2012 Sydney Film Festival (which runs from 6 – 17 June 2012). The work covers campaign strategy, creative direction, art direction and design, and is centred around the concept of ‘Infinite stories. One film festival’.

The campaign uses portrait photographs of a broad range of 25 archetypal film ‘characters’, shot by Helen White with vibrant coloured gels, to create a stylised cinematic feel. The suite of images is used in a filmic and kaleidoscopic montage style, to convey the seemingly endless range of films, stories, characters and genres, you can experience through this year’s Festival program.

The creative is rolling out across outdoor advertising including taxi backs and city flags, posters, social media, print and online advertisements and aims to reach a new and existing audience of film lovers, aged 14 to 80. This is the fourth consecutive year that Boccalatte has worked on the Sydney Film Festival account.

  • Boccalatte-SFF-Program-Guide
  • Boccalatte-SFF-Poster
  • Boccalatte-SFF-2012-Taxi-Back

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