T Make Over

STUDIO:  3 Deep

Since its inception the MATERIALBYPRODUCT T Makeover has established a cult following. The MATERIALBYPRODUCT T Makeover exemplifies the process of tailoring and re-tailoring, where an existing and iconic band tee is reinvestigated through a series of MATERIALBYPRODUCT signature joins, binds and cuts.

This limited edition set of garments has been curated by Diana Paolucci exclusively for Dilettante and is composed of five unique styles of increasing detail and complexity. 3 Deep were charged with the responsibility of establishing the strategic positioning of the product range while crafting the brand identity, bespoke packaging and all supporting communications materials required to launch the product to market.

This exclusive limited edition collection is available from Dilettante.

Click on the below images to view at the correct resolution.

  • MBP_Cure_01
  • MBP_DM_01
  • MBP_JD_01
  • MBP_Package
  • MBP_SB_01
  • MBP_Smiths_01

One Response

  1. jason


    I don’t see any truly ORIGINAL artwork here.

    Another wanky project from 3 Deep.

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