Teeth & Hair

STUDIO:  Eirian Chapman
DESIGNER(S):  Eirian Chapman
CLIENT:  Self-initiated

Teeth & Hair is an illustrative exploration of hair ornaments, uploaded daily to Tumblr by designer Eirian Chapman. Each comb or hair pin is designed based on a theme chosen randomly by Chapman each day, making the combs quite unexpected and surreal. “I try to imagine the type of person who would wear it in their hair, and base it around this idea,” explains Chapman.

The idea for this self-initiated project came from her travels around USA and visits to the varying museums there. The art deco and antique combs were especially interesting as an object of a past time when women decorated their hair.

  • eirian_bonescomb.jpg
  • tumblr_lzo2er99Lv1r60qwo
  • eirian_totempin.jpg
  • eirian_terrariumcomb.jpg
  • eirian_babydoll-01.jpg
  • eirian_mothcomb.jpg

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