Telstra installations

STUDIO:  tin&ed
CLIENT:  Telstra

tin&ed were commissioned by Droga5 and Telstra to build a series of installations using different workplace materials. The installations were about removing distractions from your life, so you can focus on what you do best. It was a great project for the pair, who sourced a large array of props which they then used to design and build the installations. The installations were shot by Michael Corridore.

Outcomes – Press ads; Agency – DROGA 5; Creative director – Andrew Fergusson; Art directors – Leslie Sharpe & Nikola Spadina; Art buyer – Anthony Martin; Producers – Yvonne Moxham & Shannon Stoddart.

Below: Top left: Carpenter installation – Detail, Top right: Florist installation, Bottom left: Carpenter installation,  Bottom right: Chiropractor installation.

  • 4.tinanded-telstra
  • 3.tinanded-telstra
  • 2.tinanded-telstra
  • 1.tinanded-telstra

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