The Art house

STUDIO:  BIA design studio
DESIGNER(S):  Ana d'castro
CLIENT:  Ana D'Castro

Located in Dubai, The Art house is designed by BIA design studio as one of their most cherished projects. BIA embraced the challenge of transforming an existing villa from a classical design to a modern and minimalist space.
Designed for an artist, the main aim was to create an open layout where the spaces could connect freely with each other. A fluid and dynamic space where the areas are connected visually and therefore extending their limits.
The villa is designed in an “L”-shape that opens towards an internal garden therefore creating an intimate and private environment. By extending the pavement towards the patio and by recessing the window frames we create the illusion of an infinite living and dining area that double their dimensions towards the outside.

The villa resembles an art gallery once it has been designed with the intent to display the artist pieces. Large canvas, sculptures and furniture artworks are spread along the house side by side with unique collectible items from around the world. The main finishes which include the polished concrete floor and walls were picked to create a muted background so that the innate beauty of each piece of furniture or art could stand out.

The entrance door is composed by a wide black steel panel that pivots centrally and opens towards a black marble wall highlighted with recessed floor lights. Right behind that wall lies the living and dining areas, which are showered with natural daylight from all directions as they are surrounded with full-height windows that look out to the iconic concrete and wood table in the backyard and the front patio of the house. The patio is finished with the same concrete of the inside of the house which emphasizes the artist’s desire to connect the outside with the inside of the house. A sleek touch is also added to the living room with the copper shelves that were installed into the wall with LED down lights that draw attention to the picture frames and art pieces that are displayed on the shelves.

The dining and living rooms are left exposed yet separated from the kitchen by a fully glazed wall which also allows for natural lighting to reach the kitchen from the eight meter sliding window that leads to the backyard. One of the most iconic pieces of the house is the three meters long dining table that is made out of one single piece of Tamarindo wood from Bali and standing on steel longitudinal feet. The kitchen is treated as a prime area with a unique central counter made with exquisite black & blue marble that finishes in a triangular shape edge. Acting as an art piece on its own, behind the five meter long kitchen counter there is a floor to ceiling black lacquer row of cabinets where the appliances stand. All the details of the villa have been designed with a delicate touch including the floor to ceiling black doors with a recessed copper handle.

Moving on to the private parts of the house all the bedrooms and the walk in closet have full height white push-doors with a fine stainless steel detail that runs down the side of the door. The rooms are also very minimalistic with built in closets and low beds that are made of rustic wood that is left unfinished. The master bedroom features a wide art piece hung over the bed that is made up of four panels of steel that were left to corrode with acid. The unique green Brazilian marble gives a unique character to the bathroom shower area, complementing the bespoke concrete washbasin and raw wood cabinet.

The whole villa embraces a raw and brutalist look and feel given by the concrete and steel where the touch of color emerges from the art pieces giving the space a warm and special atmosphere.

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