The great typography of The Great Gatsby

STUDIO:  Like Minded Studio
CLIENT:  Bazmark / Warner Bros

Like Minded Studio recently collaborated with Baz Luhrman, Catherine Martin, and the Bazmark team on the branding of  ”The Great Gatsby”. The aim of the project was to realise Baz’s vision and develop a bespoke Deco styled logo reflective of the roaring 20s and Fitzgerald’s masterpiece.

The studio created a display typeface to accompany the branding, where the letterforms were customised and refined to reflect the design of the primary logo. The process included developing a system to combine solid and pinstriped characters in sequence when typing out words.

Inspiration for the typeface was from the deco alphabet designs of K.H. Schaefer. The final titles and logo were further rendered in 3D by Deva Studios to create the signature Gatsby style.

For more information about the development project, including a look at some of the process images, check out the Like Minded Studio Behance site.

  • desktop-like-minded-gatsby-5
  • desktop-like-minded-gatsby-6
  • desktop-like-minded-gatsby-7
  • desktop-like-minded-gatsby-8
  • desktop-like-minded-gatsby-9
  • desktop-like-minded-gatsby-1
  • desktop-like-minded-gatsby-2
  • desktop-like-minded-gatsby-3
  • desktop-like-minded-gatsby-4

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