The Penguin Plays Rough Book of Short Stories

STUDIO:  Elise Santangelo & Stuart Hall
DESIGNER(S):  Elise Santangelo, Stuart Hall
CLIENT:  Penguin Plays Rough

Penguin Plays Rough is a short fiction live reading night held in a Sydney warehouse each month. This anthology is a collection of 23 of the stories read over the past few years.

Our approach to the book was to capture the raw energy of these live readings. To bring this life into the book, we designed each story differently, using different materials each time, on and off the computer, embracing the craft of the process, and creating a vivid, noisy catalogue of these wonderfully wild stories.

153 x 220mm
2 colours

  • PPR_cover.jpg
  • PPR_spread11.jpg
  • PPR_spread15.jpg
  • PPR_spread48.jpg
  • PPR_spread52.jpg

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