The Print Index 2012—2013 by Gather & Fold

STUDIO:  Double Days
CLIENT:  Gather & Fold

The Double Days online journal, Gather & Fold, has been put to print! This was a project completed in dedication to the local creative community, here to mark our contemporary history, a cross-section of our connections, friendships and mutual admirations. It is a wonderful feeling to hold in our hands the result of so many months of work. After all, there’s nothing quite like print.

Produced in a limited run of 400, “The Print Index” is a translative project that Bonnie Abbott describes as “…a book acknowledging certain things about books. The efficiency of the page and the bookshelves that keep them. Their implied linearity, the finality of print, the natural dilution of context with age… It was also a reaction. If the content was to hold its time unchanged, it had to be in print. The Gather & Fold website will update, or evolve, or eventually come down. It can change because it is mine. But the book is here so it can belong to you.”

With 24 contributors, the book features a lengthy “Tumblr” foldout, 120 pages of interviews and a cover produced with Xavier Connelly of Dawn Press.

Please email for enquires. 300 copies will be available for sale through Gather & Fold from 15th June.

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