The Royal Children’s Hospital – Wayfinding

STUDIO:  Büro North
CLIENT:  The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne

After four years of work, Büro North has completed its most significant wayfinding and signage project to date at The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne (RCH).

Focused on an evidence-based approach to wayfinding and design, Büro North commissioned and collaborated with local illustrator, Jane Reiseger, on the development of illustrations for the wayfinding signage. The aim was to create an environment where, as patients move through different floors of the hospital, their journey takes them from ‘underground’ at the lower ground levels through to ‘sky’ on the top floor. Specific areas within each level are described in relation to an appropriate animal, for example, ‘Koala Ward’ exists on the ‘Tree Tops’ level.

Büro North developed the illustrations to create highly distinctive wayfinding graphics and over 5000 signs, wall panels and landmarks for the large hospital site, which introduced a playful and distinctive personality to the interior of the Hospital.

The wayfinding solution was subjected to rigorous testing prior to building occupation. The new wayfinding design solution provided a 45% reduction in average journey times  compared to the old system, and the average number of users needing to ask for assistance to find their way was reduced from 78% in the old facility to under 10% in the new RCH.

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3 Responses

  1. Beautiful…. really hope that brightens the day for sick kids. Well done Buro North!

  2. Loz

    Stunning work. Great to see such high quality work in a hospital!

  3. Love it. Great design and execution.

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