Titles Design

STUDIO:  Silo:6
DESIGNER(S):  Tim Krakowiak
CLIENT:  Self-promotion

I’ve been a director at silo6 for around 18 months and recently decided I wanted to branch our services out to encompass film titles design. As a portfolio piece I came up with the idea of a title sequence for a film adaptation of Nick Cave’s novel And The Ass Saw The Angel to combine my love of Nick’s literature, music and aesthetic all in one project.

The dark tale tells the story of a Southern Hillbilly mute’s decent into madness as he slowly sinks to his death in a pit of foul-smelling quick-mud.

Inspired by title sequences for the series True Blood and the film Seven I started filming anything I could find that would capture the mood and look of this film. Composition and depth of field were the most important considerations for my source footage and an abandoned house with a disused well located in Western Sydney provided the ideal location.

The digital grade was the most important part of achieving the final look I was after and for the main title shot I used wax, a soldering iron and stop motion animation to achieve a look that stood apart from the rest of the sequence.

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