Toko’s textured print project for the Australian Institute of Architects

Working with Sydney-based design studio Toko at last year’s Venice Biennale, Tafeda produced finely textured print stock for the event and an accompanying publication called Formations.

The Biennale’s 13th Annual Architecture Exhibition hosted a display by the Australian Institute of Architects, with invitations, identity and curatorial design, all directed by professor and head of the School of Architecture at UTS Anthony Burke and director of TERROIR Gerard Reinmuth, in collaboration with Toko. Working with a canvas texture, Tafeda were able to enhance the tactile experience of interacting with each printed piece — not only engaging the audience visually, but with something they could physically hold, feel, and takeaway from the exhibition.

Experts in reducing tactile sensations to a single fibre, Tafeda specialise in embossing both uncoated and coated stock with intricate textures . Their latest release, The Collection V2, showcases an extensive fan of high-quality surfaces — from subtle grains to pronounced ridges. Take a look at their entire range and contact Tafeda for a complimentary mock-up or swatch, here.

  • CroppedImage16851065-design-by-toko-biennale-di-venezia-exhibition-aia-01
  • CroppedImage16851065-design-by-toko-biennale-di-venezia-publication-aia-03
  • CroppedImage16851065-design-by-toko-biennale-di-venezia-publication-aia-02
  • CroppedImage16851065-design-by-toko-biennale-di-venezia-publication-aia-01
  • CroppedImage16851065-design-by-toko-biennale-di-venezia-publication-aia-04
  • CroppedImage16851065-design-by-toko-biennale-di-venezia-exhibition-aia-02

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