Toko’s timeless celebration of Massimo Vignelli

Timeless, Massimo Vignelli by Sydney-based studio Toko “is a playful and quirky tribute to Vignelli’s Pièce de résistance; the New York Subway identity.”

Husmee and Vignelli Associates have organised a tribute event to honour Massimo Vignelli’s life and works since his unfortunate passing last year. The event will take place in San Sebastian, Spain and will include 30 tribute posters by a selection of international designers including the likes of Javier Mariscal, Magpie Studio, Spin, Toormix, Vignelli Associates and of course, Toko.

Toko elevate the party behind their poster by exclaiming, “No confetti, no celebration!”

  • Design_by_Toko-Massimo_Vignelli-Detail-S copy
  • Design_by_Toko-Massimo_Vignelli-S-1
  • Design_by_Toko-Massimo_Vignelli-Detail-S copy 2
  • vignelli

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