Tokyo 2020 Olympics Logo Proposal

STUDIO:  Creative Order
DESIGNER(S):  Todd Lopez and David Marinelli

After the original Tokyo Olympics logo by Japanese designer Kenjiro Sano was abandoned following accusations of plagiarism, we decided to have a play with the brand in our design studio. We designed a hand-drawn Tokyo logotype into which we’ve woven the year 2020. So many recent Olympic emblems, including Brazil and China’s efforts, have been poorly executed brand icons have little design value or meaning beyond a written rationale. Our design attempts to be less diluted; a balance between one of the strongest icons of all time, the Olympic Rings, and a futuristic logotype that is built with linear forms which are a simple communication of speed, agility and balance.

Unfortunately it seems that with the release of the latest shortlisted designs for the Tokyo Olympics logo the Olympic committee have fallen for the same trap of mediocre design.

  • cs-tokyo-2020-olympics-logo-identity-design-1
  • cs-tokyo-2020-olympics-logo-identity-design-2
  • cs-tokyo-2020-olympics-logo-identity-design-3

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