Torrent Wines ‘How To Speak Like An Italian’

STUDIO:  Studio Lost & Found
DESIGNER(S):  Daniel McKeating, Rebecca McKeating, Jodie Presenza, Stasha Nikakos
CLIENT:  Torrent Wines

Torrent Wines had been growing grapes in the Swan Valley for three generations, but were looking to establish a new retail brand alongside their plans to build a cellar door and restaurant. The D’Angelo family needed a brand that would be authentic to them but also stand out from the crowd.

We established a brand strategy and product portfolio that celebrates their Italian heritage, and their philosophy that the three most important things in life are: family, food, and wine.

We developed an entry-level range called How To Speak Like An Italian, bringing a sense-of-humour to the stereotype that Italians like to speak with their hands.

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  1. Brenda

    I was just talking to an italian friend of mine last week who said he was so tired of Aussies ‘gesticulating wildly’ when spitting out poor cliches. Surely there is more to an italian heritage than cupped palms.

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