Trappistes Rochefort packaging

STUDIO:  Mildred & Duck
DESIGNER(S):  Daniel Smith, Sigiriya Brown
CLIENT:  Trappistes Rochefort

Label and packaging design for Belgian beer Trappistes Rochefort by Mildred & Duck. Masking tape, recycled bottles and hand glyphs reflect the fact that this beer is home brewed by Trappist monks; who live a life of manual labour, reading and sign language.

  • mildredandduck_trappistesrochefort_2
  • mildredandduck_trappistesrochefort_3
  • mildredandduck_trappistesrochefort_4
  • mildredandduck_trappistesrochefort_5
  • mildredandduck_trappistesrochefort_6
  • mildredandduck_trappistesrochefort_1

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