Tropfest Official Trailer 2013

STUDIO:  Cutting Edge
DESIGNER(S):  Cutting Edge
CLIENT:  Tropfest

Directed by 2012 Tropfest winner Alethea Jones, the Tropfest 2013 trailer delivers an enchanting take on how Michael Faraday’s 1824 invention – the rubber balloon – escaped the confines of the lab with the help of a little girl, Stephanie Digby.

From the initial brief to output, the team at Cutting Edge crafted the VFX, design and animation onto the live action footage. Every in-house department at Cutting Edge was hands on deck, from concept brief to output, providing design, 2D and 3D animation, on-set VFX supervision, grade, compositing and post production. VFX supervisor Ron Roberts collaborated with Jones on set, ensuring the transition from shoot to post was realised in a very tight time frame. Using Maya, Houdini, Photoshop, Flame, Nuke and After FX, Roberts and his team at started the work in pre-production, designing the dove, rat, hand-drawn balloons and the bubble animation.

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