Uniform Wares launches Christmas Chromatography pattern

In time for perfect present wrapping, UK based watch makers Uniform Wares have launched the third edition of its Pattern Series project. Entitled ‘Christmas Chromatography’, this year’s blooming festive motif  has been created exclusively for Uniform Wares by designer Patrick Stevenson-Keating and initiated as part of Uniform Editions- a division of the Uniform Wares brand that produces creative projects and limited edition items with like-minded designers.

Characterised by graduating rings of mineral green and deep red, Christmas Chromatography “explores the individual components of a traditional Christmas dinner and spiced mulled wine, resulting in a visual depiction of time.” explains Uniform Wares.

“Patrick used the scientific process of chromatography to extract each element of these two Christmas classics to produce two intriguing and complex patterns which we have reproduced on a set of limited edition postcards and Christmas gift wrap.”

Originally used in the study of plant pigments and developed in the early 1900s by botanist Mikhail Tsvet, chromatography works by separating molecules in a mixture. Each element has a different solubility and these become separate coloured rings over time as the more soluble ingredients gently flow further across the paper.

Uniform Wares describes its Pattern Series project as “an ongoing creative project were we collaborate with artists from different mediums to produce prints based on repetitive graphic patterns, emulating the passing of time. Each design is printed as a limited edition postcard and available exclusively to customers purchasing watches from the Uniform Wares website.”

“Each Pattern Series postcard has a limited edition run of 1500 copies (or in the case of Christmas Chromatography, 2 postcards printed in a limited run of 750 each) and a new print is released four times a year.”

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