Urban Observatory

Richard Saul Wurman, creator of the TED Conference and champion of Information Architecture, has collaborated with Radical Media and Esri in the development of Urban Observatory, “A live museum with a data pulse.”

The project maps out rich datasets for cities across the globe. With the ability to compare onscreen, you can simultaneously view answers to important questions impacting today’s global cities—and those impacting you.

Richard Saul Wurman’s influence has resulted in sumptuous representations, yet it is the act of comparing data that really raises your eyebrows – the difference in green space between London and Tokyo, or youth population density between Auckland and Moscow, or the areas of new developments in Los Angeles and Johannesburg. It’s not just useful for business and research markets – it is a useful tool in the awareness of worldwide standards for the everyday civilian (compare commercial and industrial activity between neighbouring cities), or the curious tourist (avoiding areas of dense traffic — most of LA).

For a savvy populace, the information is valuable for a greater understanding of life in the 21st century, made a treat through thoughtful design.


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