VCE Season of Excellence 2012

STUDIO:  A Friend of Mine
CLIENT:  Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority

The VCE Season of Excellence, by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA), is a series of events and exhibitions celebrating a selection of A+ grade work produced by VCE students in an array of creative fields.

After designing the 2011 campaign, A Friend Of Mine Design decided to approach the 2012 campaign in a more abstract way. By folding and pleating paper into shapes and pattern, the studio aimed to colourfully communicate the multi-faceted nature of the Season of Excellence. The headings are set over different planes and angles, adding dynamism and bringing the text to life.

Influenced by Australian artist Gemma Smith, the studio injected a dose of bright colour into the shards, and used the patterns as the background to the pleated forms. The catalogue is designed with a flexible grid which allows the works to sing, and features a flip book animation of the Season graphic in the corner (thanks to Wei Huang for helping on the catalogue).

The exhibition space for Top Designs 2012 was a three dimensional version of the pleated pieces. Painted bands of strong colour wrapped around the walls, artworks and corners in zig zag patterns, and joined with the three dimensional signs which project off the wall.

Click on the images below to view at the correct resolution.

  • VCAA2012_Pic1v2
  • VCAA2012_Pic2v3
  • VCAA2012_Pic5
  • VCAA2012_Pic9
  • VCAA2012_Pic14_family_v3
  • VCAA2012_Pic15_colouredPages
  • VCAA2012_Pic16_Cover_Spread

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  1. Wonderfully colourful design. The exhibition is very impressive and lifts the game in Australian exhibition design. Great job!

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