Wade Jeffree’s Hardy typeface has plenty of edge

Earlier this year we caught up with the “metal-loving vegan” Wade Jeffree, an Australian designer currently in New York at the infamous studio, Sagmeister & Walsh. The polymath  young talent has wowed the international design community with his self-initiated projects (like this one, a dedication of love and companionship with his partner, Leta Sobierajski), but its his most recent project that reveals a favour for testing typefaces with profane language. This typographic endeavour, Hardy, has plenty of edge – both in presentation and in construction, with scooped crevices and hard angles.

Hardy is a display typeface “whose circular cuts replace each angled intersection.” Mathematical in construction, “for every 45° and 90° angle, there is a circle to soften the edge while still maintaining the typeface’s chiseled appearance,” where “each circle’s size is determined by the measure of the angle.”  Appearing both punctured, solid and inflated at the same time, “the result is a largely masculine, yet somewhat awkward, geometric face with strong personality.”

And its not afraid to shout about it.

Hardy is now available at Ten Dollar Fonts.


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  1. Fred

    So nice. TDF is becoming such a quality resource, I do wonder who is behind it at times?

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