Wedding invitation

STUDIO:  Interbrand Australia
CLIENT:  Sarah and John

This was every designer’s nightmare brief – create an invitation for the wedding of two close friends. John and Sarah wanted to avoid all of the romantic cliches associated with wedding invitations. Instead, Interbrand’s brief was to create something fun and unique and capture their playful sense of humour. A homage to the often parodied 1939 government poster emerged. Invitees receive either a printed poster, tea towel or mug. The play on words captures the couple’s sense of humour as well as referencing the nerves often felt on the big day. The crown icon of the original poster was replaced by a wedding ring. Each limited edition item is hand numbered, providing a keepsake for friends and family.

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  • KeepCalm_t-towel
  • KeepCalm_t-towel_flat
  • KeepCalm_t-towel_Folded
  • KeepCalm_Mugs
  • Keep_Calm_Poster2

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  1. Disappointed

    Would have thought interbrand could do something more original than this.

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