Workroom for Jaeum & Moem

“Although the name of the series is willowy in a way, the content and design are quite serious. The books are such that people need some determination to read them.”

Korean design studio Workroom excel in the graphic arenas of balance, restraint and strict palettes, achieving a startling, structured portfolio of work for the likes of Kumho Museum of Art, The National Theatre Company of Korea and the Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art.

A lovely recurring project of theirs has been with the Korean book publishers, Jaeum & Moem, in a series of books suffixed Hybrid:, each issue focused on an interdisciplinary subject (for example, Hybrid 7: Reading Zizek With Rosa). A strict formula of a greyscale image and foil stamped graphic are applied, and after 2 years the final collection of covers displays a consistent, distilled approach to visually summarising the intersection of two separate ideas.

Hyungjin Kim, a founder of Workroom and designer of the Hybrid series, explains that the layout of the text inside is as challenging as its particular topic – an exercise in constructivism perhaps at odds with the traditional requirements of a book layout. “The pages are designed with a sense of density, lending the impression that the elements are crowded. Furthermore, the margins were set at minimal distance from the side of the page and the space between each line is rather small. Thus, they are not the most pleasant pages to read from.”

See their full portfolio here.

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  • WR5
  • WR7
  • WR8
  • WK10
  • WK9
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