World AIDS Day: decades of awareness through poster design

Today is World AIDS day — a day for people to show their support for people living with HIV and to commemorate people who have died.

Since its first clinical recognition in 1981, the rampant spread of the HIV/AIDS has created one of the most significant global health emergencies in 100 years. As the spread began to kill tens of thousands, the designer responded. Their posters acted as a medium of communication and information between government, health organisation or charity group with the public. In this role, the poster has played a crucial role in promoting safe sex and attacking stigmatisation, with straplines and striking visuals tailored to reach specific targeted groups, helped by the fact that posters can be cheap and easy to produce locally.

Over the years, there have been many different directions and approached taken using this medium by designers, artists, advertisers and photographers who have been commissioned or volunteered their skills to play a part in fighting the spread of HIV/AIDS. The list includes Milton Glaser, Australia’s own Redback Graphix (Condoman), Keith Haring, Feng Chung, Anton Beeke, Alejandro Magellanes and hundred of other grassroots designers and concerned citizens. We have a look through some of the striking productions of these designers and artists below.

You can donate to Red and help reduce AIDS related deaths to zero, here.

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