‘You’ll Get Dirty’ poster series

STUDIO:  Mildred & Duck
DESIGNER(S):  Daniel Smith, Sigiriya Brown
CLIENT:  RMIT Visual Arts Graduates

A new project by Mildred & Duck involving the identity and set of three posters for the RMIT Visual Arts Graduate exhibition, titled ‘If You Touch It, You’ll Get Dirty’. Abstract images of ‘dirty’ art related mediums have been used to visually represent the exhibition title, and to show the variety of mediums in which the students work. The posters were packaged with a hand-stamped belly band for the opening night.

  • mildredandduck_dirty_1
  • mildredandduck_dirty_2
  • mildredandduck_dirty_4
  • mildredandduck_dirty_5
  • mildredandduck_dirty_6
  • mildredandduck_dirty_3

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