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STUDIO:  Holy Cow!
DESIGNER(S):  Holy Cow!

Holy Cow! recently launched ‘Your Room’, a new website developed as a joint initiative for St Vincent’s Hospital Alcohol and Drug Information Service (ADIS) and NSW Health.

It provides a unique interactive environment to educate a wide audience about the effects of drugs and alcohol. Called ‘Your Room’, this website is based around the metaphor of coming ‘home’ to a safe, relaxing place to find out valuable information in various rooms of a house. It combines a content management system plus interactive experiences, including an animated floor plan and The Spinner game.

Designed to engage young people, a broad range of fact sheets and resources to assist educators and health professionals is also available on this website. Using the dedicated Community Action section on the website, users can also locate a Community Drug Action team in their local area and access support and information for drug and alcohol issues.

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  1. DW

    Great work Holy Cow!

  2. DW

    Just had a look at the website – its great!

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