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The Art of Ping Pong returns

In 2013, London-based design and branding agency Fivefootsix began The Art of Ping Pong, inviting …

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POPP's 'The Ephemeralist' ping pong table

POPP’s robust, beautiful, all-weather ping pong tables

Perth-based POPP make robust, weighty, industrially-rendered outdoor ping pong tables. They’re permanent, weather-proof and free …

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Pong Rehashed

Breathing new life into the traditional game of Ping Pong, Montreal duo Julien Vallee and …

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Part 1: All in a day’s work

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be running a series of blogs by Linda Jukic from her agIdeas talk.

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Every office needs one of these…

Every office needs one of these…

If I worked in an office, I would write a petition on behalf of all employees, demanding that The Man gets us one of the following in order to increase our productivity. After-work beers would probably also help.

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