Bruce Weatherhead Tribute Evening

Published:  February 3, 2011
Bruce Weatherhead Tribute Evening

In November 2010 Bruce Weatherhead was interviewed for the Conversations with Designers short film series.

Known as one of the fathers of modern Australian graphic design, Bruce’s fearless and idiosyncratic style helped define a new Australian visual language. Although he was recognised by the AGDA Spicers Paperpoint Hall of Fame in 2002, Bruce’s work is not widely known in the internet age and few digital records have been available to date. Bruce Weatherhead passed away on 1.1.11. Although semi-reclusive and unwell for some time, his passion for life and sharp intellect were undimmed to the end. We were fortunate to have captured some of his thoughts about design on film.

AGDA will hold a special preview screening of the film at a tribute night for Bruce. His friend and peer – Max Robinson will say a few words, as well as Dominic Hofstede whose labour of love – Re:collection is effectively the first online archive of a seminal period in modern Australian graphic design. AGDA members and the wider community are invited to gather and raise a glass at this event.

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