KinoAdelaide’s Kino Kabaret 2011

Published:  January 31, 2011
KinoAdelaide’s Kino Kabaret 2011

KinoAdelaide, the city’s most inclusive and radically creative filmmaking collective, returns with fresh blood for the innovative and open workshop Kino Kabaret 2011. The workshop will run across five days in the heart of Adelaide, presented in partnership with BigPond Adelaide Film Festival, late February through early March. Filmmakers, both young and old, veterans and novices, will team up to produce content within five days for a special festival screening.

Kino Kabaret is the next step for Adelaide filmmakers looking to broaden their scope with the opportunity to network, experiment and learn a new skill. As an open event, participants need to meet no criteria to be involved as the most experienced will pair up with eager first time filmmakers who have a new way of looking at things. Kino is non-competitive, operating instead in a spirit of collaboration and co-operation. Participants will learn from each other and garner support to take creative leaps and risks.

Filmmakers will gather throughout the week in the production workspace of a Kino Lab, where they will find access to equipment and experienced Kino filmmakers always read with words of advice. The Kino Lab will also play host to a number of short presentations from industry folk and established filmmakers for participants with open minds to grab something new.

Participation is free.

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