Lovesick – an exhibtion

Published:  February 2, 2011
Lovesick – an exhibtion

Wendy Johns’ latest body of work, Lovesick, explores the fine line between love and hate. Wendy, a successful art director of 15 years, created much of the work on show while working in advertising. Wendy’s paintings are feminine, feisty, bold, humorous and deeply passionate – just like her.

Where does all that hurt go?
Some drown their sorrows with a bottle of bubbly.
Others get expensive makeovers.
Or replace one warm body with another.
Some daydream about sweet revenge.
Let’s face it, love can leave you pretty jaded!
In the dark words of Jarvis Cocker: “Love. It’s not all chocolate
boxes and roses. It’s dirtier than that.”

With titles such as ‘Lipstick makes everything better’ and ‘Dreaming of revenge’, Wendy’s paintings are reminiscent of
the 1950s/60s Poster Art, albeit with a dark humorous twist.

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