Numskull – The Weird Machine

Published:  October 26, 2010
Numskull – The Weird Machine

Numskull is a Sydney based artist, whose bold work has become a favourite on the street and in the gallery for its epic mashes of text, pop iconography and stencil figures.

‘The Weird Machine’ will showcase new works and installation by Numskull. This solo show will feature paintings in mixed media on canvas, wood, custom made signs and installation pieces and will also be the release of a set of limited edition prints by the artist.

‘The Weird Machine’ invites the public into the nonsensical world of Numskull. A sometimes confusing collage of bold, detailed and distracting imagery and an exploration of the blurred lines between real life experience, and dream states. Numskull’s new collection of work explores of the effects of modernity in a world where we are constantly pestered and bombarded with uninvited visual material. Advertising, signs, false heroes all dominate our environment, this is his response.

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